06 December, 2009

You're FROM Japan?

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for a pre-Prep (kindy) friend of our 4 y.o. The first Australian kids birthday party we've been free to attend. It was cute to see two of our children greeted by hugs from (female) classmates. Even more interesting was the opportunity to stand around and chat with parents we've only seen in passing over the last six months. Several had heard rumours that we had some association with Japan, but didn't know what to think. I wonder if that is why they never said much more than, "Hi", because such a rumour is hard to fathom! I found out that one child had gone home and said their new classmate (our 4 y.o.) was "from Japan". You can imagine his mother's face when she saw our son - blond and blue eyed. She thought it was just another 4 y.o. non-nonsensical conversation. Another child brought home the news that our 7 y.o. had been absent for a day because "he's gone back to Japan"...for a day? You can see how our family easily gets surrounded in a mystery that renders casual conversation before and after school (and even at a party) potentially awkward!


Ken Rolph said...

What does it mean to be "from" somewhere today? People have moved around so much over the past years that their current address may bear little relationship to the formative environment. I always have a problem with the "from" question.

Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

I agree that the "from" question is becoming less relevant. It still has enough potential to give background information on someone, though, to continue to be used. It is getting harder and harder for me to answer it! I used to say I was "from" Toowoomba, but it is hard to say that now that I haven't lived there for 20 years!