03 August, 2018

Thankful for today

Not taken today, but I'm enjoying sharing a Queensland
"bloom" with you from our local area.
Very short post to record my thankfulness for today. We're going away for the weekend (for work plus visiting family) starting in a couple of hours and I know that if I don't write now, this day will be forgotten.

On recommendation from our mission's state ministry leader, today I went to a women's event at a local theological college. Basically it was several hours of teaching and Bible study, which in itself was fantastic and refreshing (not to mention not having any expectations of me, aside from being a Christian woman who loves the Bible).

I was a bit nervous, walking into an event like this, not knowing if I'd know anyone. But thankfully there were three ladies who I knew from various arenas in the past, and another who made a point of meeting me (she was "staff" who knew that I was a missionary) and totally "got" where I am. Conversations with all four women were fantastic. They asked some of the FAQ, but went deep quite quickly and expressed something of an understanding of the challenges of what we're doing. I feel blessed, encouraged, and thankful.

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