11 January, 2018

What's your ministry?

This was part of our presentation last time: my "hat story"
describing briefly some of my roles. I need to figure out another
creative way to do this this time...or maybe I should just do
hats again?
In preparing for home assignment, we have to pull out a whole lot of other tricks. Things that involve telling people about what we do and about Japan—both written information and spoken information. We also need to pull out our schedule coordinating skills!

In our January prayer letter we called for people to start scheduling us to speak at churches or other groups from July, and we've already had enquiries. One person asked for a short blurb about our ministries. So, because I like writing here so much, I decided to write a blurb here and get your feedback. What do you think? Is it sufficient for someone who doesn't know us, but might consider having us speak to their group? Honestly I do so many little bits and pieces it's hard not to find a nice middle ground (not too much or too little) in describing what I do. (Noting that, of course, the audience is Australians and that it will mostly be used after our son starts university.)

David and Wendy are Queenslanders who have been OMF missionaries in Japan since 2000.

Since 2005 David has worked at the Christian Academy in Japan, located in Tokyo. He's a maths and science teacher and an administrator at the school that supports many missionaries by educating their children. In 2017 he took on the role of Director of Teaching and Learning that includes overseeing curriculum and professional development and membership in the leadership team of the school.

Wendy is an editor and writer. She's the managing editor of a quarterly magazine by and for missionaries (Japan Harvest). She also is the manager and editor of OMF Japan's blog and social media content. Her role includes project management of various publications by OMF Japan. She's been a regular blogger about missionary life and ministry since 2009 at on the edge of ordinary.

We have three sporty teenage boys who are thriving. The youngest two are with us in Japan and at the school where David teaches. Our eldest has graduated and started studying at the University of Queensland this year.

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