26 September, 2017

Spiritual recalibration

I took the morning to ride to a coffee shop (got 55 minutes of riding in, equivalent to 9,350 steps according to this website) and spent a couple of hours doing some spiritual recalibration.

My main take-away? That the rest in verses 28-31 of Isaiah 40 may have been eluding me because the awesomeness of God that the earlier part of the chapter lays out was not as much in my thoughts as it should have been. And that I can fly (vs 31) not because of who I am or because I'm gifted or in control or appreciated but because of who God is and because he, by his great grace, is committed to saving me.

The other take-away is that this kind of recalibration needs to happen again and again and again. It is not a sign of failure, it is a sign of human-ness (and the sin that indwells all of us) and that is no shame.

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