16 January, 2015

How was camp? Awesome!

I went to the beach twice, some went three times. It's great
being at the beach now that our boys aren't so small.
I loved it! In fact I'm suffering withdrawal today! I'm particularly missing the interaction between leaders: a combination of lighthearted Aussie banter and some serious (but generally short) conversations. But here's a list of other things.

Favourite things from camp:

Can you see these cute ?whales that two of the girls made?
  • seeing my inadequacy used to enable a younger leader to step up and use her skills
  • being able to totally engage with everything (in the past I've been sidelined because my kids needed me to supervise them)
  • surprising the campers and my own kids at my athleticism (yes, I've still got some)
  • realising that parenting has equipped me in many ways for dealing with kids, even those embarking on teenage years
  • watching all my boys engage with camp at an appropriate level
  • David pulled in his science teacher skills and had the kids
    (and some leaders) make stomp rockets.
    • My eldest was a junior leader, he willingly helped whenever he was asked.
    • My middle son, initially reluctant to come to camp, got so involved we hardly saw him all week.
    • The dining area. A source of much great tucker.
    • My youngest son was about 1 ½-2 years younger than the youngest campers and he kept up with everyone. He was virtually a camper (in size too, he wasn't too much different in height to the smallest boys).
  • stimulating conversation. With leaders and often with kids too. My habit of asking questions at dinner (at home) to start conversations came into good use, particularly in sitting with girls who didn't always know how to connect with one another.
  • eating such delicious food that I didn't buy, cook, or cleaned up.
  • and, as I wrote (here) before we left, being somewhat anonymous. The kids didn't really care what my "day job" was, though if they did find out we had some interesting conversations.
Least favourite things from camp:

An extreme trampoline. So much fun, but
the harness was a little painful around the waist.
  • realise I'm old in their eyes (yes, even the eyes of the 22 year old leaders)
  • feeling zonked after only one day of camp
But really there wasn't much I didn't like. I'm just wishing it would be less than four years before we get to do another one!

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