01 December, 2014

Stepping into the unknown

On Friday I asked for prayer at our church's ladies Bible study for our trip to the Sunshine Coast that afternoon. Of particular concern was that we didn't know much about the weekend or what would happen during it, especially about the couple who would host us.

It is the "unknowns" that can make this deputation lifestyle a challenge with our boys. They like to know more than we can generally tell them about what's coming up when we're faced by a weekend like this.

Here's what we knew:

  • we were speaking at the church for an hour followed by morning tea on Saturday
    We got to the beach too.
    Alexandra Headlands. Beautiful!
  • we had to put out stand up at the church the next morning at 9am and stay until after the 9.30 service
  • the church had arranged for a couple to host us
  • we knew their names, address, and phone number
  • and that they also had three men staying with them: a refugee, student, and another missionary on home assignment
  • we would be near the beach
  • the boys would all be sleeping in one room and us in another
  • they would feed us meals, including dinner on Friday night at about 6pm
There's a lot we didn't know. We couldn't remember this couple (though they could remember us). I guess that is the main thing. We had no idea how it was all going to go, or what to expect. And that is not a happy position as parents when you have boys who don't like the unexpected.

Well we were pleasantly surprised with joyful hosts who were flexible and generous. They've extensive experience with missions and we enjoyed their company. Even the boys, who stayed at the table after the food was finished, without a word from us, which is quite statement in itself.

Once again our heavenly Father has taken care of us, beyond what we expected. But we did pray about it! So I guess we should have expected those prayers to be positively answered. Oh we of little faith.

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